Family Child Care Council

Welcome to the website of The Family Child Care Council

Mission: To support quality family child care.

(tax deductible)

We will e-mail these 6 FORM SETS* to you. They total over 90 pages and include:

  •      Required, Official Title 22 Licensing Forms (up to date!)
  •      PLUS other recommended forms
  •      AND employee forms required by the IRS, EDD, INS, CalOSHA, etc.


    * FORM SETS were developed by California Child Care Training, the same company that developed the Observation Visit Record Organizers for California’s Accreditation projects.
    For more information, visit our website: Or call Nancy Wyatt at: (818) 708-2354

  •   E-News for Family Child Care
  •         We will keep you updated about changes that will affect family child care providers.
  •   Answers to Your Questions
  •         Members may e-mail or call for answers to questions about family child care.
  •  Discussion Groups
  •         We will meet either by conference call, e-group or in person to discuss family child care issues and obtain information.