California Child Care Training

Supporting Professional Child Care

The mission of California Child Care Training (CCCT) is to provide information to child care providers that will help them provide quality child care within the context of California laws and regulations.


Numerous publications are available through CCCT to assist family child care providers.  We have publications regarding documentation, accreditation, quality standards and capacity/ratio limits.  Our sets of forms include those that are required and recommended by such agencies as Community Care Licensing, the Internal Revenue Service, the Employment Development Division, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, etc.  Our organizing binders assist providers who are seeking NAFCC accreditation.  Our Observation Visit binder has been distributed to  family child care providers by the accreditation project (CDFAP) managed by the California Association for the Education of Young Children.  

Consulting Services:

Consulting services are available by contract for the editing and development of educational material related to child care.  CCCT has helped with the development of educational materials for the American Red Cross, the Los Angeles County Child Care Training Institute, and the Los Angeles Unified School District.


Notes, comments and opinions on issues related to Family Child Care.


Instructors are available by contract to present workshops.  We have contracted to present workshops for the Los Angeles County Child Care Training Institute on Health & Safety, Parent-Provider Communication, and Everything You Want to Know About Family Child Care.


CCCT currently presents workshops at conferences and association meetings.  We have presented workshops at conferences for the California Association for Family Child Care, the Southern California Association for the Education of Young Children and the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring.  In the future, CCCT will also be offering workshops, independently.  Topics have included NAFCC Accreditation, the Thelma Harms Family Day Care Rating Scale, Employment Issues Related to Quality in Family Child Care, the pecking order within the child care field, and parent-provider relations.


We have coordinated weekly support groups for accreditation candidates and we have contracted with the Child Care Resource Center to mentor new family child care providers.  We have also offered technical assistance on an individual basis through the Los Angeles County Child Care Training Institute.


California Child Care Training was founded in 1994 in response to the need for accurate information about health and safety for child care providers in California.  Nationally developed courses for child care providers, at times, were failing to place information within the context of California laws and regulations.  Over the years, the range of services and topics has expanded.


Our founder, Nancy Wyatt, has been a family child care provider in the San Fernando Valley since 1985.  She is an accreditation Observer for NAFCC and in 2001, she received the Ruby Brunson Award from the California Child Development Policy Advisory Committee.  She has served on numerous association boards such as the Family Child Care Council of the San Fernando Valley, the California Federation of Family Day Care Associations, and the Valley Chapter of the Southern California Association for the Education of Young Children.  She was appointed to the Los Angeles County Child Care Planning Committee and served as a regular member during 1999 - 2001.  She attends policy meetings and speaks to legislators, whenever she is able, in order to advocate for high quality care for children and seek improvements in the treatment of child care providers.

How to Contact Us for Services:

If you are interested in obtaining any of the above services from CCCT, you may contact us vie email to Nancy or call (818) 342-4851.